Sunday 1 September 2013

Crocodile Shoes DVD Release Short Review

4 stars for this classic 1990's TV series, 3 stars for the conversion.Crocodile shoes Cover
Crocodile Shoes was first shown on BBC One in 1994 and was written by the star, Jimmy Nail (Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Spender) who also had a successful music career on the back of the series.
This tells the story of Geordie factory worker Jed Shepperd, played by Jimmy Nail, who operates the "magic lathe" for a living, but writes country music for a hobby. When his sister Emma (Melanie Hill - Waterloo Road, Stardust) sends copies of his demo tape to record companies in London, his talent is spotted by Ade Lynn (James Wilby - Maurice, Gosford Park). With the prospect of redundancy on the horizon, Jed is forced to make a big decision, does he leave his old life behind and try to make it big in the country music scene, or stay in Newcastle to face an uncertain future? 
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