Monday 21 July 2014

Naruto Shippuden Series 18 Short Review

4 stars of the continued adventures and trials of Naruto Uzumaki.Naruto 18 cover
The usual spoiler alerts apply, this series carries on directly from the events of series 17!
The beginning of series 18 sees Naruto and Sakura back at the leaf village, where Naruto is forced to try to explain to the Konoha 11 why he must take the fight to Sasuke alone.
Naruto 18 storageKakashi is beginning his preparations to become the Hokage, however at the last minute Lady Tsunade awakens from her coma and much hilarity ensues as the poor stone carver is informed that once again he must change the face he is to carve.
Gerotora remembers Jiraiya's words to him and has Naruto summoned to the Great Lord Elder in order that he might be stored within him, thus loosening the 4th Hokage's seal on the Nine Tails and allowing Naruto to summon it at will. A dangerous strategy but one which may prove necessary in a time of war.
Naruto 18 mushroomsThe Great Lord Elder also gives a prophecy that Naruto will meet an octopus on an idyllic island and that he must fight a young man with powerful eyes. Naruto of course knows that this refers to Sasuke, but still has no clue as to the identity of the octopus.
The Five Kage's meet and it is decided that both Naruto and Killer B (The Eight Tails) should be kept safe as they are all that stands between the Shinobi and Akatsuki. To this end Tsunade sends Naruto to undertake a training mission with Killer B in the Land Of Lightning, an arduous sea voyage away.
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Jormungand DVD Short Review

jorcover5 Stars of the greyer side of life.

jorkokoTaken from the manga penned by Keitaro Takahashi and then turned into anime back in 2012, directed by Keitarou Motonaga, He puts life into this well scripted beautiful display of the loyalty that forms within a tight-knit group and the things that they have to deal with. This is the first full series on two disks.
jorthegangjorjonah1Koko Hekmatyar is the young daughter of Floyd Hekmatyar who is head of HCLI's European/African Weapons Transport Division and it seams only natural that his daughter would get involved in some way. She and her team are arms dealers. She believes rather than destroying the world, her guns will mend it, therefore she goes about her businesses with an air of confidence in her own abilities and those that stick closely beside her. Normally her bodyguards are recruited through reputation and known contacts, but Koko takes it upon herself to recruit the child soldier Jonathan "Jonah" Mar, a soldier that hates the fact that it was weapons that killed both his parents. Koko likes the irony that this posses the young soldier. She takes him on a mission and they travel to Eastern Europe where an HCLI shipment of fighter upgrades have been kept back in case it causes tension with local regions, as they head for the shipment they are attacked by elite troops with Jonah protecting Koko, Lehm and Valmet back them up as they eventually manage to secure the upgrades. Koko hears that a rival arms dealer is making a deal to sell attack helicopters to the government, she is not happy with this and decides to meet up with Kroshkin and they pretend to be brother and sister, they stall Kroshkin whilst Tojo and Valmet dissuade the government to cancel Kroshkin's order. Behind the scenes Lutz, Mao, Ugo and Lehm take out Kroshkin's snipers leaving him vulnerable and he finally realises that he has been duped, Koko decides to remove the rival and orders Jonah to kill him. This is the final act that makes Jonah a part of the gang.

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Saturday 19 July 2014

The Lego Movie 3D Short Review

4 Stars of Awesome 3D CGI Lego Style.

legovirtlegocover3dFrom the Directors that brought you Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller once again collaborate to bring this ace Lego movie to the screens and now to our TV's in Brilliant 3D. (2D comes with the 3D Blu-ray)
In the Lego world there is a weapon so powerful it can freeze any Lego figure to its spot forever. The wizard Vitruvius, (Morgan Freeman, The Dark Night Rises) tries his hardest to keep the weapon out of the clutches of the evil arch enemy 'Lord Business', (Will Farrell, Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues) but he fails and as Lord Business leaves with the 'Kragle' Vitruvius prophesies that there will be "The Special" who will be the one to find the "Piece of Resistance" that is capable of stopping the Kragle.
Skip forward eight and a half years we find ourselves on a construction site with menial worker Emmet Brickowski from Bricksburg, it's late and the site should be deserted but Emmet spots someone lurking in the shadows. He finds a woman who turns out to be Wyldstyle, (Elizabeth Banks, The Hunger Games).
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Wednesday 16 July 2014

Nead For Speed 3D Blu-ray Short Review

5 Star High Octane High Performance Racing.
nfs3dcovernfstobeyThis is Director Scott Waugh's, (Act of Valor) second venture into the feature film universe, but he is well qualified to make a film about fast cars and the inherent danger that lye's within. As he has 41 Stunts credits to his name, (We Were Soldiers, Bad Boys II, Mr and Mrs Smith).
What he has created is a petrol heads dream, whether you are male or female as there is plenty of eye candy, from American muscle to European super cars.
You're in for Speed,  Smashes, Crashes and Ace Driving.
nfsdinoAfter the death of his father Tobey Marshall, (Aaron Paul, The Last House on the Left) takes over the running of Marshall performance Motors. he and his friends do up American muscle cars such as GTO's and Mustangs. But there isn't enough work coming through the doors, so there is a visit from his dads old bank manager calling in the loan. He supplements his money by taking part in late night street races for a prize of $5000. He may be too  good as his old rival Dino Brewster, (Dominic Cooper, Captain America: The First Avenger) turns up to watch him race along with his old girlfriend Anita, (Dakota Johnson, 21 Jump Street) and he tells him he wants to see him after the race. Anita is Little Pete's sister and little Pete, (Harrison Gilbertson, Haunt) has been taken under Tobey's wing as a younger brother. Dino is the one from MT Kisco New York that made it all the way to NASCAR and even though he thinks Tobey is beneath him he admires his skills as a mechanic and offers him a job of finishing the car that disapeared the Ford Shelby Mustang that Carroll Shelby was working on when he died. The cash strapped Tobey has no option but to accept the 25% finished car price, estimated to be $500,000. He is ribbed by his friends, they think he is doing it to get back with Anita.

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Ashens And The Quest For The GameChild Short Review

3 stars for this hilarious but thoroughly weird adventure/buddy film.Ashens cover
Ashens is written by and stars Stuart Ashen, famous for his YouTube channel, in which he demonstrates, puts down and generally destroys random and worthless tat, (look him up, it's brilliant).
This film is essentially semi-autobiographical, as he plays his YouTube persona Ashens, who has been collecting for years and now has only one item missing from his ultimate library of rubbish, the GameChild. Ashens and Chef ExcellenceThis hand held console was released as a rip off of the GameBoy, but recalled after only two hundred sales on account of burning out retinas and setting fire to fingers.
His arch nemesis, imaginatively named Nemesis (Chris Kendall, another popular YouTube comedian), beat him to the GameChild on it's first release, but now with only one remaining that wasn't recalled, the hunt is really on.
Ashens is assisted in his his quest by The Professor (Robert Llewellyn - Red Dwarf, Junkyard Wars), with whom he fell out after losing his girlfriend Ashley (Millie Reeves - The Trap) to him. Ashens Frisby guideAlso tagging along is his very bizarre and dysfunctional friend, Chef Excellence (Dan Tomlinson), a failed TV chef who is determined not to give up the whites for anyone.
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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Some Like it Hot Cinema Re-Release

slihposter5 Star Super cast for a Super Film
A Classic Film returns to selected cinema's this summer, 55 years after its first release in the UK on the 17 May 1959.
From the great director Billy Wilder (Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard, The Apartment).
The film starts in Chicago 1929, it's the middle of prohibition and gangsters fight the police as they transport there illegal alcohol across the city, they also vie for power amongst themselves.
slihjoenjerryJoe and Jerry are two musicians who witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. They are spotted but get away and this starts the journey of laughter as the only band they can join is a girl troupe that are going from Chicago to Florida. (Brilliant Idea).
slihjerryndaphneBut the troupe are never going to take on a couple of ruff men, so welcome Josephine and Daphne the saxophone and Bass player the need. The girls are readily accepted and they all get on like a house on fire but Joe cannot hold back his feelings for Sugar Kane Kowalczyk, (Marilyn Monroe, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes). So he invents a millionaire character called Junior. But who could ignore "Marilyn Monroe and her bosom companions" (Film Tag line).
Sugar Kane is a hard drinking hard playing ukulele player who is on her final warning from Sweet Sue and her Society Syncopators.
They think they have got away when they arrive in Florid with nearly 2000 miles between them and Chicago, but they are wrong.

let the hilarity begin.

slihsugarkaneMGM Studios' Some Like It Hot is back in cinemas from 18 July, opening at BFI Southbank, Irish Film Institute, Filmhouse Edinburgh, Glasgow Film Theatre and selected cinemas nationwide.

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 In Cinemas From 18th July

Escape From Planet Earth Short DVD Review

3 Stars for the Hero From Planet Baab

epecoverEscape From Planet Earth comes from the pen of Cal (Callan) Brunker and this is his first major film. He has worked on some big films as a storyboarder and the influence of those films show in this one, (Despicable Me, Ice Age: Continental Drift).
epegnarlachsScorch Supernova, (Brendan Fraser, The Mummy) and his smaller brother Gary, (Rob Corddy, Warm Bodies) both work for BASA based on Planet Baab and Scorch is the Planets hero, he goes around the universe doing daring rescues of people and little blue babies from their enemies, the fierce Gnarlachs. He is victorious, mainly because Gary is behind the scenes giving him the edge over the enemy.
epegaryScorch is interviewed by hero worshipping anchorwoman Gabby Babblebrook, (Safia Vergara, Machete Kills) and you can see the affection between them but they cannot show it on camera. Back at Gary's house his son Kip, (Jonathan Morgan Heit, Date Night) really dotes on his uncle and wants to be a 'Scorch' rather than the button pushing 'stay in the office' worker like his father.
epesevenelevenSoon a call from the Boss of BASA, Lena Thackleman, (Jessica Alba, Sin City) comes through to Scorch and Gary that an SOS has come through from the "Dark Planet" (Earth) a place that is infamous in that no species of alien has ever returned from their first contact mission. Gary sees this as a mission to far and argues with the conceited Scorch, the argument gets heated and eventually Gary quits BASA before Scorch can fire him. Buy the time he gets home to his wife Kira, (Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex in the City) he finds out that Scorch is already Earth bound and the rescue mission is all going to be beamed back to Baab for all his adoring fans. But soon things outside the 7/11 go wrong, even with the power of his suit Scorch is captured by the Hazmats and the General Shanker, (William Shatner, Star Trek...). This upsets Kip who, wanting to be a Scorch immediately decides that he will rescue his hero but Gary is against it and wont do it himself he send Kip to his bedroom, but soon after decides that he was wrong and goes to apologise, but Kip is gone and there can only be one place he can be. Kira dons a pair of rocket boots and they fly off to BASA.

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