Wednesday 13 June 2012

Olympic stars talk about Chariots Of Fire

Following on from this morning’s re-enactment of the iconic CHARIOTS OF FIRE beach running scene - which saw 13 year old Joseph Forrester lead a group of children from Madras College across the beach in St Andrews carrying the Olympic torch - Fox Searchlight have made available an amazing new clip in celebration of the re-release of the film.

Chariots of Fire tells the story of two very different men who compete as runners in the 1924 Paris Olympics:

Eric Liddell is a devout Christian who believes that his athletic abilities are a gift from God, and that using that gift to its fullest extent - to win the gold medal - will be his way of repaying that gift.

Harold Abrahams is an English Jew, a student at Cambridge, who dreams of fame and of proving to his anti-Semitic fellow students, and to the world, that Jews are in no respect inferior.

Their motives are noble. Their commitment is total. Their integrity is unquestionable. They will both make personal sacrifices to achieve their goals. In the process, through all the obstacles and personal issues they conquer, they prove that striving for victory in their own terms is, perhaps, its own reward.

Based on a true story, CHARIOTS OF FIRE was the winner of four Academy Awards®, including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay, in addition to receiving nominations for three more.

Running back into cinemas July 13, 2012

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