Tuesday 7 August 2012

Film's most unlikely romances

We have all seen them; the movie where the beautiful blonde falls for the overwhelmingly, plain best friend. From uncomfortable age gaps to nauseating lip locks, Hollywood has made us fall in love with, or cringe at, the unlikely on-screen romances.

If an IQ of 48 and multiple confessions of love to random office appliances in ‘Anchorman’ didn’t have you yearning for a piece of Steve Carell, then his receding hair line and geeky charm in ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’ must surely do the trick. On screen, his next door neighbour charm, sparked the love interest of superstar Keira Knightley, as they share one too many lip locks, and even an uncomfortable encounter in between the sheets. Steve Carell gives hope to any middle aged, common man vying for the heart of the ultra-sexy woman sulking inside her flat next door.

Continuing with the hilarious ogre bags the sultry vixen, Vince Vaughn and Malin Akerman kindle sparks in Couples Retreat. Awkwardly hovering above Malin at an enormous 6 foot 5 inches, every screen shot of the unlikely couple seems wildly out of proportion. Although Vince’s witty charm does compensate for his mammoth frame and apparent beer belly, it also landed him coveted spot 9 on the countdown.

You will think twice before drunkenly consuming that final Sex on the Beach after seeing the Katherine Heigl’s baby disaster in ‘Knocked Up.’ Seth Rogan’s character Ben Stone is probably high fiving his stoned buddies, as accidently getting a bombshell like Katherine Heigl pregnant is probably the biggest achievement of his lazy, party loving lifetime.

Covered in grease and wearing bite sized daisy dukes, Megan Fox radiates pure sex appeal in ‘Transformers’ as co-star Shia Labeouf falls short of even a second glance. As much as he may not enjoy it, seeing Shia away from his childish Disney star days feels a bit out of place, and then seeing him holding hands with super star Megan Fox feels like we are now in a different universe. Shia probably had to pay executive producer Steven Spielberg for the role, knowing that was his only chance to ever lock lips with someone that far out of his league.

Sparkled with scenes of bootylicious, ghetto girl Lafwanduh and thick framed, technology loving Kip, ‘Napolean Dynamite’ rewarded us by handing over one of the most unlikely and entertaining onscreen romances. After Kip notoriously has been “chatting online with babes all day,” he finally encounters Lafwanduh in a chat room where their infatuation was instant. The lesson we all learned from ‘Napolean Dynamite,’ is that you, too, can transform from the geeky, computer chat room nerd to a slick, doo-rag wearing, hip hop star and bag ‘hot babes’ like Lafwanduh.

After Leonardo Di Caprio didn’t make it out alive in ‘Titanic,’ Kate Winslet surely downgraded replacing the heart throb with overweight Jack Black in ‘The Holiday.’ After exchanging homes with Cameron Diaz’s character, and flying across the Atlantic Ocean to escape heartbreak during the holiday season, Kate surely got the short end when it came to on screen lovers. Cameron was paired with British heart throb Jude Law, while Kate was left swimming through a sea of Jack Black’s chest hair. She should really have tried to haggle with director Nancy Meyers a bit more to trade roles with Cameron, because a holiday with Jude sounds much more appetizing.

Mike Myers notoriously attracts wildly, beautiful women in the ‘Austin Powers’ series, and continues his sex streak in ‘The Love Guru’ with his latest victim Jessica Alba. Dawning traditional Indian garb, complimented with an untamed beard, long hair, and Italian chef style moustache, Mike plays a self-help guru named Pitka who dedicates his life to helping trouble couples rekindle the love. Apparently Mike’s time in the ashram paid off as he catches Jessica’s attention, even converting her from a tough, American hockey manager to a belly dancing heart throb.

There is something stomach churning, nauseating about picturing Jack Nicholson as a over-50 swinger, bedding women half his age and as beautiful as Amanda Peet, but that is exactly what happens in ‘Something’s Gotta Give.’ Even if Jack eventually falls for a more age-appropriate suitor, you wonder what the first thing that has gotta give is... his hip? Or maybe his back? Most likely his libido.

Self obsessed Zac Efron falls for pleasantly plump Nikki Blondksy in ‘Hairspray,’ but let’s hope Zac is the one falling because vise versa, Nikki is sure to crush his little frame. Zac Efron’s character Link Larkin will go down in history as one of the most notorious pretty boy, chubby chasers, as Nikki will continue to go down in history, sweets in hand.

Every now in then, an unlikely match is exactly what fate intended. Delicacy’s Audrey Tautou and Francois Damien deliver a touching and heartbreaking story of a beautiful, woman’s second chance at love. Markus (Francois Damien) captures your heart with his gap-tooth smile and gentle heart, and leaves you realizing that maybe it is the best friend, or the sweet co-worker, that just might be your perfect unlikely romance.

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