Monday 20 August 2012

The Insider's World premiere

You’ve seen him as Sir Gwaine in the BBC’s TV series Merlin, now Eoin Macken steps behind the camera to direct The Inside, featuring Czech starlet Tereza Srbova (Sirens, Eastern Promises) alongside the cream of Irish acting talent that includes Emmett J. Scanlan (fan favourite Brendan Brady in Hollyoaks, Charlie Casanova), Sean Stewart (Occi, Coward), Natalia Kostrzewa (The Clinic) & Brian Fortune (Game of Thrones). The WORLD PREMIERE takes place at the 13th Frightfest, Empire Cinema, Leicester Square on the Discovery Screen, Sunday 26th August 12.45PM (Also screening on Monday 27th 6.30PM).

Eoin Macken, Emmett J. Scanlan, Tereza Srbova & Brian Fortune will all be in attendance.

While in a pawnshop a young man comes into possession of a second hand video camera; discovering a tape still inside he plays back the footage and witnesses a horrific series of events involving a group of teens in an undisclosed location. Using the footage as a guide he retraces the steps to where the events seemingly occurred. Deciding to investigate he discovers to his horror not only the truth of the events on the tape but comes face to face with a supernatural terror from which he may not escape....

The Inside is a hard, violent, visceral psychological horror, which gets into your belly, and leaves an unnerving disturbed feeling after watching it. Shot mostly in alarming 1st person perspective this evocatively realistic story of five girls breaking into an abandoned warehouse for excitement - then finding themselves subject to a terrifying human attack before succumbing to a supernatural terror - will leave you shaking with fear! The film shows the worst side of humanity and contrasts it with the horror of the supernatural, which has no compunction between good and evil. But what is worse - the fear of the unknown, or the known fear of man? Shot and directed by Eoin C Macken, with additional cinematography by David Laird, and also featuring Eoin Macken, with sound by Greg French of Irish band The Brilliant Things and a chilling score from Kevin Whyms of Whymsonics, The Inside will re-invigorate the Irish horror genre.
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Monster Pictures will release The Inside on DVD in the UK, Eire & Australia in early 2013, further details to be announced.

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