Wednesday 30 January 2013

The Sweeney hits London

A dramatic bank heist and car chase storms the City of London
  • Live theatre stunt first of its kind in the City
  • Staged to mark the release of British action film The Sweeney on Blu-ray and DVD

London, 22nd January: In blizzard-like conditions on Sunday January 20th, cops and robbers clashed in a dramatic car chase in the City of London.

In streets that are usually quiet after the hustle and bustle of the City stills for the weekend, the peace was disturbed by the screeching of car tyres, fists and faces clashing, and shouts of “you’re nicked” as the incredible action unfolded.

Staged and filmed to mark the Blu-ray and DVD release of British action flick The Sweeney, three violent and dangerous criminals were hunted down by the flying squad after they raided a bank, in the first live theatre stunt of its kind to be performed and filmed in City streets.

The robbers were trying to get their hands on Limited Edition Sweeney merchandise and DVDs, which was being held under lock and key at Lloyds TSB bank before its release on Monday.

Initially having thought they’d got away with the heist, the robbers were soon being pursued by The Sweeney – with both vehicles speeding and sliding through the City streets. The action came to a climax as The Sweeney apprehended the robbers.

Ashleigh Jones, who won a starring role in the stunt as one of The Sweeney, said: “Despite the weather it is up there with one of my favourite days ever – and I love the final cut of the Sweeney Heist!

Stephanie Don, Product Manager for The Sweeney, said: “The release of The Sweeney on Blu-ray and DVD gave us the perfect opportunity to go out “all guns blazing” and stage a quintessentially London car chase stunt against the backdrop of the Metropolitan Police Station. Everyone involved gave a huge effort, that resulted in some fantastic footage that really captures the adrenaline-fuelled themes of the film.

An adrenaline-pumping UK action blockbuster that took cinema audiences by storm, The Sweeney, a 21st Century update of the original TV series, follows Regan (Ray Winstone) and Carter (Ben Drew) as they navigate London’s criminal underworld. Out on Blu-ray and DVD now, it’s the “Best British action movie in years” according to The Sun.

Tearing up the streets of London, D.I. Jack Regan (Ray Winstone)and his partner George Carter(Ben Drew) from the Flying Squad have their own way of operating, and when an old enemy makes a re-appearance on the London crime scene, they will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Directed by Nick Love (The Firm), The Sweeney is a stylish, exhilarating action thriller also starring Damian Lewis (Homeland) and Hayley Atwell (Captain America: The First Avenger)
Available to buy on Blu-ray and DVD now
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