Thursday 22 August 2013

The Kemps back together on film

Martin and Gary Kemp reunite as villainous brothers for the first time since The Krays in ASSASSIN

Spandau Ballet icons Martin and Gary Kemp are to play sinister gangsters The Alberts brothers in new British hitman film ASSASSIN. It marks their first big screen appearance together since cult classic The Krays in 1991. They will star opposite Football Factory legend Danny Dyer.

Producer Jonathan Sothcott commented: “The Krays is one of the best-loved British films of all time, an untouchable classic that only a lunatic would remake, but at the core of that movie are the fantastic performances of Martin and Gary. Reuniting them for Assassin is a real coup, a dream come true, and I know their army of fans are going to love seeing what unpleasant plans they have for Mr Dyer.

ASSASSIN is a Richwater/Silver Leaf co-production produced by Jonathan Sothcott and written, produced and directed by JK Amalou. Filming begins on the 9th of September on location in London. Anchor Bay entertainment have acquired UK and Australian rights and will release the movie in 2014.

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