Thursday 16 December 2010

Comedy Christmas - some thoughts

After being sent some of the DVDs that I mentioned in a previous post Its about time that I got around to giving my thoughts about the ones that I have watched

Bill Bailey’s Dandelion Mind
Released: November 22

A wonderful mix of music and comedy as you would expect from this great comic mind. What is even better are the extras that take you on a strange and magical journey around the country from as far north as you can get (with getting your feet wet) and winding your way down the country stopping off at both venues small and large. Sometimes touring doesn't go exactly as planned as you will find out.

Sean Lock’s Lockipedia
Released: November 22

Ross Noble’s Things
Released: November 29

Defiantly the best one I watched. You can't tell with Ross where the script stops and the improv begins as he winds his way from intolerant pineapples to how not to emamer yourself with the wife whilst shopping and the perils of being a comedian and having a major motorcycling accident that ended up with Ross having a large plate in his arm! Possibly the best bits are when a pair of Scousers turn up late and what appears on stage after the interval!

Dara O Briain: This Is The Show
Released: November 22

This was one that I was looking forward to as I love Dara on Mock The Week but I just didn't like his stand-up and the way he heckled his audience. There are some interesting extras on the disk such as a drinking game

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