Thursday 21 April 2011

Age Of Heroes

Low budget and action? Who are you going to call? Yes you're correct it's tom Cruise, sorry, not that one! it's Danny Dyre and Sean Bean!
AGE OF HEROES is an action-packed British thriller based on the real-life events of Ian Fleming’s 30 Commando during World War II – an inspiration for the modern day SAS. The 30 Commando were one of the most respected, secretive and exclusive Special Forces regiments formed during the Second World War.

Ambushed deep behind enemy lines in WW2, the young British corporal Rains (DANNY DYER) fearlessly leads his men out of danger. But his rogue attitude costs him, and he’s sent to an allied military prison for insubordination. When the highly esteemed Captain Jones (SEAN BEAN) shows up, Rains’ bravado and raw display of fighting skills impress Jones enough to recruit him for his commando unit.

After weeks of mentally intense and physically gruelling training ops where Jones tests his men to their breaking point, they are quickly assigned their first mission; to parachute into occupied Norway and capture a deadly new radar technology from the Germans. But as they get near the drop-zone, the newly formed band of brothers, joined by ‘Norwegian yank’ Steiner and beautiful blonde spy Jensen, find themselves in the midst of a fierce dogfight, before crash landing in a Norwegian village where Nazis have been mercilessly executing civilians.

In a bloody battle in the mountains of Norway, outnumbered by an enemy as ruthless as it is clinical, the soldiers soon realize it is do-or-die time. And by pushing their innate skills and hardcore training to the limits, we see that this is no time for ordinary soldiers… This is the AGE OF HEROES.
Hitting UK cinemas May 20, 2011

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