Wednesday 11 April 2012

Red Tails gets a trailer

What can I say about this apart from "Mr Lucas this film looks cheap". the effects look mediocre at the best. The upside is that George didn't write the script so it should be, at least, passable.

Inspired by the true story of World War II’s first African American fighter squadron, RED TAILS is a thrilling action-packed film with the most realistic dogfights ever to hit the screen.

Executive Produced by George Lucas, Produced by Rick McCallum and Charles Floyd Johnson, Written by John Ridley (THREE KINGS) and Aaron McGruder (THE BOONDOCKS) and Directed by Anthony Hemingway (THE WIRE), RED TAILS tells the tale of the heroic 332nd fighter group of the U.S. Army Air Corps who overcame racial discrimination to become one of the most distinguished squadrons in World War II.
Flying into UK cinemas June 6, 3023

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