Friday 13 April 2012

Spike Island gets a first image

With principle photography of Spike Island finished, Revolver has released the first OFFICIAL Spike Island still just for you fans!
Meet the band Shadow Caster – Zippy (Jordan Murphy), Little Gaz (Adam Long),
Dodge (Nico Mirallegro) and Tits (Elliott Tittensor).
A coming of age drama set in Manchester in May 1990.

School is nearly out for summer (and forever) for our lads - five Stone Roses fans from Manchester.

Nothing will stop our boys from seeing their heroes on stage. This is the story of their journey to Widnes and the 72 hours across which their friendships are tested and their future is shaped - together or apart.

A nostalgic snapshot of Britain in the early 1990's this is a fictional story set against a real event - The Stone Roses legendary SPIKE ISLAND gig of May 27th 1990.
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