Friday 22 November 2013

One Piece Collection 4 DVD Release Short Review

One Piece 4 cover4 stars for the next part of this fantastic anime series.
One Piece Collection 4 carries on (predictably) where One Piece Collection 3 finished, completing the Drum Island arc and set during the Alabasta saga (episodes 79-103).
The start of this collection sees the Straw Hat Pirates, still on the Grand Line and on board the Going Merry, engaged in a battle with the evil pirate Wapol and his band of misfits.

One Piece 4 WapolWith Wapol dispatched (for now), the crew must find a doctor for Nami, who has been struck down by a life threatening fever while in Little Garden. They spot a winter island in the distance, which they hope will have medical facilities. This turns out to be Drum Island, where they land and are immediately attacked by the militia.

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