Monday 4 November 2013

PIN DVD Release Short Review

2.5 stars for this tired and dated horror film.
PIN coverPIN was first released in 1988 (which becomes immediately apparent when you see the clothes and hairdos).
PIN is written and directed by Sandor Stern (The Amityville Horror) and co-written by Andrew Neiderman (The Devil's Advocate, The Maddening).

It tells the story of PIN, short for Pinocchio, who is an anatomical dummy, used by Dr. Linden (Terry O'Quinn - Lost, The X Files) to put his patients at ease and to instruct his children in delicate matters which he does not wish to broach himself. Using his superior ventriloquism skills, the doctor convinces Leon (David Hewlett - Cube, Stargate: Atlantis) and Ursula (Cynthia Preston - Whale Music, Convergence) that PIN is actually talking to them.

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