Monday 11 November 2013

Silent Night DVD Short Review

3 Stars of Gory Mid-West Town Revenge.
silentnightcoverCryer, Wisconsin is a town in decline since the Mill closed. People have left and those that remain are bitter (one very bitter) and jaded.
Nobody looks forward to tomorrow or getting up to work on Christmas Eve, especially Deputy Aubrey Bradimore, (Jaime King, Sin City) who is about to spend her first Christmas without her partner and is even more reluctant because Deputy Jordan, (Brendan Fehr, X Men: First Class) silentnightFrylightsis supposed to be on duty, but he is M.I.A. after finding a woman far more interesting than work.
silentnightsanta3But someone isn't happy with this turn of events, hence we hear screams as a man starts to shave. The trussed up woman continues to squirm as this huge man gets dressed up in a Santa mask and outfit but this one has a massive double headed axe.

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