Tuesday 29 April 2014

K- The Coplete Series DVD Short Review

4 Stars of Find the Killer School Boy.

kpcoverThis is a great series that has you taking sides with either of the camps and the animation is just a joy to watch as your eye is taken on a journey with the camera.

kpkikurikpisanaForgetful but friendly Yashiro Isana is a young college student attending the Ashinaka High School, a notable high school that is located on an island just outside the areas of the technologically-advanced Shizume City. Always forgetting his PDA and his lunch, so he scrounges and this annoys his friend Kukuri who wants to eat healthier but he always disappears before she can get to him.
kpredkingkpyataLater he and his cat are on an errand for Kukuri to get fireworks for the end of year performance. Whilst on his quest he is attacked by members of HOMRA. A violent gang run by the Red King, they chase him and accuse him of killing their member Tatara Totsuka. The main attacker is Yata Misaki, a young man with a baseball bat and a skateboard, (this is where we get a treat as the camera follows Yata, (X Games style) around the city in his chase of Isana).

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Available to Buy on DVD and Blu-ray on the 5th of May.

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