Sunday 6 April 2014

Pit Stop Dual Format Short Review

5 Star Remastered work by Jack Hill.

pitscoverNow in marvellous Hi-definition this Monochrome budget masterpiece surpasses those films that came after it.

Right from the start this is a petrol-heads dream, loud engines, big cars and drag racing.
pitaction8pitwillardGrant Willard, (Brian Donlevy, Kiss of Death) runs California Custom and he likes to see people in his cars winning and the established driver is his worker and stock-car driver Hawk Sidney, (Sid Haig, The Devils Rejects), but there is a new spring buck on the scene, Rick Bowman, (Richard Davalos, Kelly's Heroes).
Willard wants to open Rick's eyes to his new race "The Figure Eight " race which Rick thinks is madness, but if he can beat the steely Hawk his name would be something. With hard racing and big smashes when they hit the intersection, fenders are bent and cars are smashed.

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Available to Buy on Dual Format on the 7th April,

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