Friday 21 January 2011

Alien Vs Ninja - the trailer

I managed to catch a screening of this film way back in October during Grimmfest 2 in Manchester and fell in love with this silly, irrelevant, film. Now with the help of Revolver Entertainment you too can see this masterpiece in your own home. And YES it is as silly as the synopsis makes it sound!

All you really need to know about this film is that Aliens and Ninjas fight. It has some amazing action, not that good monster costumes and some wonderful slapstick comedy. Also thrown in for good measure is a boob joke or two!

Returning from a deadly mission, a band of legendary Iga Ninja warriors see a giant fireball blaze across the sky and crash into the distant forest.

Rushing to investigate, they soon find themselves under attack from a pack of brutal and hungry aliens, and that none of their weapons, neither swords nor throwing stars, seem to have any effect on the savage predators...

Non-stop martial arts mayhem meets monster mash-up in this fantastic flick packed with fast and furious fights, great gore, hilarious action and incredible stunt work.

Alien Vs Ninja explodes on DVD from February, 7 2011

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