Monday 24 January 2011

INDY filmmaker needs YOUR help!

Got £10 to spare? Then why not help out a budding filmmaker to fullfill his dream to make his zombie movie, "Invasion of the not quite dead". Also, you will get a credit at the end of the film!

UPDATE: I've managed to find the "teaser promo" for the film on youTube. Either that or scroll down and watch it here.
On TUESDAY 25th JANUARY 2011, Independent filmmaker AD LANE is using TWITTER to FAN FUND RAISE for 85 hours straight, in the hope of raising £10,000 to make his epic 1978 INTRO in Bulgaria.

In November 2010, AD and his team flew out to Bulgaria where they did all the pre-production, which included arranging a flamethrower, a car explosion, a helicopter for the opening shot, a vast arsenal of military men & vehicles and a very cinematic village & village house to shoot in.

All being well, AD will be aiming to shoot the INTRO in either late MARCH or early APRIL to get the most out of the cinematic looking snow.

The whole point of the INDYWOOD MOVIE PROJECT is to be 100% fan funded, meaning we don’t have investors, funding bodies or a studio on standby, this whole production is being funded by the fans, the more fans that want to see this movie and donate, the bigger and better this movie can be, which is why AD Lane is doing something most filmmakers wouldn’t dare to do, going several days without sleep to raise funds for his feature.

So far, AD has raised £35,000 from FAN FUNDING, which began in MAY 2009, AD has spent every day using twitter to FAN FUND RAISE, putting in over 15 hours a day for a year and a half, he has so far done a 50 Hour non stop Tweetathon, a 72 Hour Tweetathon & an 80 Hour Tweetathon, All to incredible success.

Attached to ‘INVASION’ is the amazing ZACH GALLIGAN (Gremlins), FRANK JAKEMAN (Breathe), HOLLY MATTHEWS (Waterloo Road), TERRY STONE (Rise Of The Footsoldier), JAMES FISHER (The Zombie Diaries).

Find out more about the project and the Tweetathon at:
or follow AD on twitter @indywoodFILMS

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