Thursday 20 January 2011

Upcoming Metrodome Titles

I am a big fan of this distributor and their strange and wonderful films they get to release straight to DVD. Now they have just sent what wonders await you in the next couple of months.

Tough, tense and all-too-real, AGGRAVATED ASSAULT is a hard-hitting account of the shocking acts committed by gangs, the speed at which events can escalate and the difficulty of maintaining integrity in a world fraught with danger.

After a long stint doing time for a string of brutal crimes, John leaves jail determined to get his life back on track. After taking a job he makes new friends and seems to be getting on the straight and narrow, but his gangland past soon comes back to haunt him...

John’s younger brother Charlie has become involved with a local gang, entering into the dark and dangerous world of drugs, prostitution and deadly weapons. Tensions mount as clashes with rival gangs become more frequent and blood starts to run in the streets. John realizes that Charlie is set on a course for destruction and moves in to help him, re-entering the world he vowed to leave behind.
Released onto DVD February, 14 2011

Once in a generation, a true martial arts movie superstar is born...

Up until this year, the most legendary of all the martial arts heroes CHEN ZHEN – a Eastern fictional martial arts master recurring in Eastern culture – had only been played by two actors on the big screen. Bruce Lee in the seminal ‘Fist Of Fury’ and Jet Li in the breakout hit ‘Fist Of Legend’.

This year, the baton will be passed to a new martial arts superstar. A new martial arts master who has already proved his worth in the East, starring in numerous movies and invented the highly revered Triple Kick in his high-octane, jaw-dropping style, Donnie Yen.

In Shanghai during World War II: Several years after the death of the legendary masked crime-fighter CHEN ZHEN, a mysterious and charming stranger works his way to the upper-echelons of the Shanghai mafia. But, by night, a caped martial arts genius begins single-handedly taking out the city’s underworld figures.

Prepare yourself for some of the most incredible action sequences ever committed to celluloid..
Released onto DVD January, 31 2010

The wartime action-adventure is given a thrilling sci-fi twist in the time-bending PARADOX SOLDIERS, which fuses spectacular World War II action with the classic time travel enigma: what if you went back in time and accidentally did something that would critically affect your future existence?

Four strangers are enjoying a World War II re-enactment weekend when fantasy becomes reality and they find themselves accidentally caught up in a time vortex which throws them back to the real Second World War.

Desperate to avoid capture by Nazi forces, the four must put aside their differences to find another portal that will return them to their own time. On the way, they accidentally become embroiled in one of history’s most notorious, bloody and pivotal battles and realise if they fail in their mission, their future selves will never exist.
Released onto DVD February, 21 2011

One of the great untold World War II stories, THE FINAL SACRIFICE is a thrilling and powerful portrait of those heroic souls willing to give their lives for country, for family, for honour.

Set in Northern Italy during the last embers of the Second World War, the beleaguered vanguard of Axis forces, entrenched on an increasingly isolated position, suffer daily aerial bombings and the constant threat of attack from local partisans.

Tempers flare between these ‘allies’, as their enemies threaten to overwhelm them and their impending fate looms over the devastated, war-torn horizon.

Compellingly directed, this explosive, action-packed war film combines the disparate stories revealed in the long lost letters of a desperate band of brothers fighting on the front line.
Released onto DVD January, 24 2011

To mark the 100th anniversary of the original voyage, a state-of-the-art luxury liner, christened TITANIC 2 sets out to cross the Atlantic, from the US to the UK. A host of special guests are invited along to enjoy the glitz and glamour on board the beautiful ship, but whilst the champagne flows on deck disaster begins to stir below…

After a deep, dark rumble is heard in the distance, a huge tidal wave approaches the ship and smashes into its side, rending a vicious hole and putting tremendous pressure on the turbines. As the engines finally give out and the liner comes to a halt, the celebratory voyage becomes a nightmare as passengers battle to reach the lifeboats.

A white-knuckle, nerve-wracking disaster film of epic proportions, TITANIC 2 will leave you gasping for air and wondering if your heart really can go on…
Released onto DVD February, 7 2011

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