Sunday 17 March 2013

ELLIPSE THE MOVIE – Request for funding - Film and Science worlds collide at the Royal Observatory

Following in the steps of the vastly successful projects helped along by Kickstarter, Sponsume ( are asking Science and Sci-Fi film fans to help fund the final edits and special effects of movie Ellipse to ensure it achieves its full filmic potential. Filmed at the impressive Royal Observatory, the story aims to inspire and encourage interest in science and the creative arts with emphasis to inspire girls to engage with the science sector.

The film, which premieres at the BFI Southbank on Friday 3rd May 2013 is so extraordinary in its authenticity of scientific representation. Real research sits at the core of the film with data from NASA's Kepler mission and EXOPLANET app. Hanno Rein, from the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton has chosen several stars with Exoplanets to feature on screen and in the accompanying educational pack for schools written by Dr Lewis Dartnell and Marek Kukula, the Public Astronomer at the Observatory.

Directed by award winning Ilana Rein and produced by Louis Savy, founder of UK’s premiere science fiction event SCI-FI LONDON, the film starts off in 17th century London where Louise de Kérouaille, a mistress of Charles II and keen amateur mathematician, persuades the King to build an observatory in Greenwich. She encounters an unusual character, LEO (Brian Bovell). Centuries later, RO (Deborah Bouchard), a young girl also meets LEO and her interest in astronomy begins. As an astrophysicist in adult life, working with real NASA data, RO can investigate whether we are really alone.
Louis Savy, Festival Director, SCI-FI-LONDON says: “Science fiction film has been a key influence on so many of today’s scientists as film sparked their imaginations when they were kids. I want to contribute to making those sparks for today’s generation. Also, I must have seen over 10,000 sci-fi shorts and features coming through the festival and think it’s about time we made one!

Award-winning Ilana Rein directs Ellipse. She says: "I love that so many incredibly talented people are on board for Ellipse – it proves to me that people recognize that we are creating a film that will spread inspiration through art. I know that women are vastly underrepresented in the sciences and we hope to help be a part of changing that in the coming generation. Having the Royal Observatory as a location is a filmmaker's dream and the fact that it's a true sci-fi story filmed there adds to the excitement."

Encouraging girls towards following their dreams in science

Women are vastly underrepresented in science, and we need thoughtful, positive strategies to engage young girls in science subjects at school. Ellipse begins with a 10 year old girl in a London park, and shows her successful journey as an astrophysicist, leading a crucial mission to the discovery of life in other solar systems. The female lead and real NASA data used in the film work together: Ellipse encourages girls to believe there is room for women in the sciences.

Crowd-funding films The producers of the film needed to fund this film as cuts to the Observatory's budget wouldn't allow for this type of project. Therefore the film has had to use a crowd funding platform,, to help finance the project. The details are here:

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