Wednesday 27 March 2013


From the producer of Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Sinister comes DARK SKIES: a supernatural thriller about a young family living in the suburbs. Daniel and Lacey Barret and their two young sons witness an escalating series of disturbing events involving their family. Unable to understand what is happening to them their safe and peaceful home quickly unravels and friends turn against them.

When it becomes clear they are being targeted by an unimaginably terrifying and deadly force, Daniel and Lacey take matters into their own hands to uncover the truth and protect what belongs to them.

Finding the perfect home is tough enough without having to think about ghosts, demons, and aliens. So to celebrate the release of Dark Skies on April 3, 2013 we are taking a whistle-stop tour around the film houses you really wouldn’t want to call home, including: the Bates mansion from Psycho, Leatherface’s family home from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the Freeling household from Poltergeist.

The Barrett family home (DARK SKIES)
You could not ask for a nicer home than the Barrett’s house. Situated in the heart of a pleasant neighbourhood with friendly neighbours on both sides this is a lovely property for any family. The only downside to this location is the occasion attacks from ‘The Grays’, dark forces intent on causing disruption and general havoc.

The Bates Mansion (PSYCHO)
Do not be deceived by attractive offers of dinner with an elderly woman at the Bates mansion. For once you step into this home your chances of coming out alive are seriously diminished. A particular room to avoid would be the basement, in which you may meet a few more residence than you bargained for.

This quiet country residence is far from the city and will provide time away from the hustle and bustle. Unfortunately it also homes a leather-faced, chainsaw-wielding serial killer who enjoys impaling women and massacring travellers searching for petrol. It is also worth noting that local petrol station attendants and hitchhikers are not to be trusted.

This Dutch Colonial house located in a suburban neighbourhood in Long Island looks like the perfect home for a family of five, but all is not as it seems in this dark residence. Strange goings on include swarms of flies, red swine-like eyes outside the second floor window and ooze that drips out of the walls and the toilets.

The Freeling household in Cuesta Verde (POLTERGEIST)
In the planned community of Cuesta Verde sits the Freeling house. The house seems fine at first but when the static on the TV starts playing up it is time to go. Be especially careful of the living room ceiling and bedroom closet. Nothing serious, they are just portals to a ghostly realm inhabited by ghouls who will steal your children. Like I said, nothing serious.

The Isolated Cabin (THE EVIL DEAD)
A remote cabin in Morristown Tennessee is the ideal location for a spring break with a couple of friends. The local woodland is perfect for walks and the cabin is nice and cosy. My only advice would be to steer clear of reading the ‘book of the dead’. If you decide to give this charming publication a read you may experience such frustrations as sadistic trees, fire-poker-wielding girlfriends and demons possessing your friends and trying to butcher you.

The MacNeil’s (THE EXORCIST)
Situated in Georgetown, Washington is the house which the MacNeils call home. This lovely re-brick house on the corner of Prospect and 36 is worth every penny. It’s worth avoiding one of the bedroom however, as a demon named Pazuzu has the nasty habit of possessing its inhabitant. It usually takes two priests to get rid of this nasty individual, and please note that the window will need replacing after their visit.

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