Saturday, 8 February 2014

Cheeky Short Review

3 Stars for the exploits of young love.

Tinto Brass (Frivolous Lola) shows his hand at the erotica that he is famous for.
cheekydualformatcheekycarla1The film starts with our heroine Carla, (Yuliya mayarchuck, Go Go Tales) strolling across a London park in the heat of a sunny summer day, taking in all the sights of couples, business men and a flasher, who for his trouble gets flashed back, so setting the scene for the film as we see Tinto’s trade mark close up of genitals and rear-ends.
cheekymoiraCarla is in London looking for an apartment for her and her Venetian boyfriend Matteo, (Jarno Berardi his first full film.) who is still at college.
She wanders into a smart estate agents with a single woman behind the desk, Moira( Francesca Nunzi, Frivolous Lola). Moira tells Carla the prices of the apartments in the local area, and this comes as a shock to her, but Moira has designs on this young lady and says that she has a place that might suit her needs. She tells Carla to meet her tomorrow and they can go look at it.
cheekymoiracarlaNext day they arrive at the warehouse style apartment and Carla is dressed in short shorts and a little top and this confirms to Moira that Carla is the girl for her.

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