Sunday 16 February 2014

Machete Kills DVD and Blu-ray Short Review

4 stars for this completely insane, star filled action film.Machete kills cover
Machete Kills is the sequel to Machete and is written and directed by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Once Upon A Time In Mexico).
Machete Kills tells the story of Machete (Danny Trejo - From Dusk Till Dawn, Heat), an ex federal agent who is recruited by the President Of The United States (Charlie Sheen - Two And A Half Men, Hot Shots!) to try and take down a crazy revolutionary, Mad Mendez (Demian Bichir - A Better Life, Che: Part Two).
Machete kills strange gunsHe discovers that he has a device wired to his heart which will trigger a missile and start a war if his heart stops. However, Mendez has put a massive bounty on his own head to ensure that everyone will be out to get him.
Can he keep him alive, avoid the many people out to get them and svae the world?
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