Monday 17 February 2014

Fairy Tail Part 6 Short Review

4 Stars as the team come to the crunch.

This fun anime takes off from episode #61 going through to #72 (See Fairy Tail Part 5).
The gang are hard on the the heels of the 6 who form the Oracion Seis, sworn to turn those of the light to the dark with the use of Nirvana, the giant walking city.
Nirvana is headed for the distant wizard Guild of the Cait Shelter and those who had the power to hide Nirvana for hundreds of years.
That is why the Oracion Seis are set wiping them out first.

ft3nirvanaBut the Guild Alliance are hot on their heels as they fight through the ruined city. We are in the middle of the confrontation between Cobra and our Fairy Tail Hero Natsu as Happy keeps him aloft, as the motion of the city makes him sick.
Cobra dodges the Dragon Wizards moves which frustrates Natsu and Happy.
As they argue with each other he empties his mind as it is filled with rage, he lands a punch. Cobra can read minds and knows every move that he is about to face before it has been thrown. Natsu has trouble keeping his mind blank so the battle goes badly for him. Until he comes up with his own unique solution to the mind-reader.

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