Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ashens And The Quest For The GameChild Short Review

3 stars for this hilarious but thoroughly weird adventure/buddy film.Ashens cover
Ashens is written by and stars Stuart Ashen, famous for his YouTube channel, in which he demonstrates, puts down and generally destroys random and worthless tat, (look him up, it's brilliant).
This film is essentially semi-autobiographical, as he plays his YouTube persona Ashens, who has been collecting for years and now has only one item missing from his ultimate library of rubbish, the GameChild. Ashens and Chef ExcellenceThis hand held console was released as a rip off of the GameBoy, but recalled after only two hundred sales on account of burning out retinas and setting fire to fingers.
His arch nemesis, imaginatively named Nemesis (Chris Kendall, another popular YouTube comedian), beat him to the GameChild on it's first release, but now with only one remaining that wasn't recalled, the hunt is really on.
Ashens is assisted in his his quest by The Professor (Robert Llewellyn - Red Dwarf, Junkyard Wars), with whom he fell out after losing his girlfriend Ashley (Millie Reeves - The Trap) to him. Ashens Frisby guideAlso tagging along is his very bizarre and dysfunctional friend, Chef Excellence (Dan Tomlinson), a failed TV chef who is determined not to give up the whites for anyone.
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