Tuesday 15 July 2014

Some Like it Hot Cinema Re-Release

slihposter5 Star Super cast for a Super Film
A Classic Film returns to selected cinema's this summer, 55 years after its first release in the UK on the 17 May 1959.
From the great director Billy Wilder (Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard, The Apartment).
The film starts in Chicago 1929, it's the middle of prohibition and gangsters fight the police as they transport there illegal alcohol across the city, they also vie for power amongst themselves.
slihjoenjerryJoe and Jerry are two musicians who witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. They are spotted but get away and this starts the journey of laughter as the only band they can join is a girl troupe that are going from Chicago to Florida. (Brilliant Idea).
slihjerryndaphneBut the troupe are never going to take on a couple of ruff men, so welcome Josephine and Daphne the saxophone and Bass player the need. The girls are readily accepted and they all get on like a house on fire but Joe cannot hold back his feelings for Sugar Kane Kowalczyk, (Marilyn Monroe, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes). So he invents a millionaire character called Junior. But who could ignore "Marilyn Monroe and her bosom companions" (Film Tag line).
Sugar Kane is a hard drinking hard playing ukulele player who is on her final warning from Sweet Sue and her Society Syncopators.
They think they have got away when they arrive in Florid with nearly 2000 miles between them and Chicago, but they are wrong.

let the hilarity begin.

slihsugarkaneMGM Studios' Some Like It Hot is back in cinemas from 18 July, opening at BFI Southbank, Irish Film Institute, Filmhouse Edinburgh, Glasgow Film Theatre and selected cinemas nationwide.

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 In Cinemas From 18th July


  1. A timeless gem returns to cinemas with an all-star cast and a hilarious premise. The intrigue and laughter of "Some Like It Hot" never seem to age, making it a must-see experience this summer!

  2. The announcement of the re-release of "Some Like It Hot" is exciting news for cinema enthusiasts and fans of classic films. Billy Wilder's directorial brilliance and the film's iconic cast, including Marilyn Monroe, promise a delightful cinematic experience. The brief synopsis of the plot, with its mix of humor, disguises, and a journey from Chicago to Florida, sets the stage for a hilarious and memorable story. It's great to see timeless classics like this returning to the big screen for both longtime fans and new generations to enjoy. Looking forward to catching it in cinemas!