Saturday, 5 July 2014

Absentia Short Review

4 stars for this tense and exciting horror/chiller.Absentia cover
Absentia is written and directed by Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Ghosts of Hamilton Street) and is a very intelligent and well written horror/ psychological thriller which offers an interesting new take on an ancient legend.
Absentia missingThis film tells the story of Tricia Riley (Courtney Bell - Oculus, The Puzzle), wife of Daniel Riley (Morgan Peter Brown - Piggies, Biology 101), who disappeared seven years previously. Although she has never really given up hope of finding him and still puts up posters, after seven years and being heavily pregnant by her new boyfriend, she decides the time is right to declare him dead "In Absentia", thus freeing the insurance money to help her in her new life.
Absentia CallieIn order to ease this transition, her wayward drug addict sister Callie (Katie Parker - Oculus, The Family) moves in with her to offer moral support. However, as the paperwork nears completion, Tricia begins to have disturbing hallucinations centered around her missing husband, and Callie starts to develop an unhealthy fascination with the underpass near to the house.
As Detective Mallory (Dave Levine - Oculus, The Asylum), in charge of the missing persons case, continues to apply pressure to get her to move away from the neighbourhood, strange things start to happen. Callie sees people in the tunnel and trinkets appear in the house, without any sign of forced entry.
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