Monday 21 July 2014

Naruto Shippuden Series 18 Short Review

4 stars of the continued adventures and trials of Naruto Uzumaki.Naruto 18 cover
The usual spoiler alerts apply, this series carries on directly from the events of series 17!
The beginning of series 18 sees Naruto and Sakura back at the leaf village, where Naruto is forced to try to explain to the Konoha 11 why he must take the fight to Sasuke alone.
Naruto 18 storageKakashi is beginning his preparations to become the Hokage, however at the last minute Lady Tsunade awakens from her coma and much hilarity ensues as the poor stone carver is informed that once again he must change the face he is to carve.
Gerotora remembers Jiraiya's words to him and has Naruto summoned to the Great Lord Elder in order that he might be stored within him, thus loosening the 4th Hokage's seal on the Nine Tails and allowing Naruto to summon it at will. A dangerous strategy but one which may prove necessary in a time of war.
Naruto 18 mushroomsThe Great Lord Elder also gives a prophecy that Naruto will meet an octopus on an idyllic island and that he must fight a young man with powerful eyes. Naruto of course knows that this refers to Sasuke, but still has no clue as to the identity of the octopus.
The Five Kage's meet and it is decided that both Naruto and Killer B (The Eight Tails) should be kept safe as they are all that stands between the Shinobi and Akatsuki. To this end Tsunade sends Naruto to undertake a training mission with Killer B in the Land Of Lightning, an arduous sea voyage away.
Read the rest over the review over at Road Rash Reviews.


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