Tuesday 15 July 2014

Escape From Planet Earth Short DVD Review

3 Stars for the Hero From Planet Baab

epecoverEscape From Planet Earth comes from the pen of Cal (Callan) Brunker and this is his first major film. He has worked on some big films as a storyboarder and the influence of those films show in this one, (Despicable Me, Ice Age: Continental Drift).
epegnarlachsScorch Supernova, (Brendan Fraser, The Mummy) and his smaller brother Gary, (Rob Corddy, Warm Bodies) both work for BASA based on Planet Baab and Scorch is the Planets hero, he goes around the universe doing daring rescues of people and little blue babies from their enemies, the fierce Gnarlachs. He is victorious, mainly because Gary is behind the scenes giving him the edge over the enemy.
epegaryScorch is interviewed by hero worshipping anchorwoman Gabby Babblebrook, (Safia Vergara, Machete Kills) and you can see the affection between them but they cannot show it on camera. Back at Gary's house his son Kip, (Jonathan Morgan Heit, Date Night) really dotes on his uncle and wants to be a 'Scorch' rather than the button pushing 'stay in the office' worker like his father.
epesevenelevenSoon a call from the Boss of BASA, Lena Thackleman, (Jessica Alba, Sin City) comes through to Scorch and Gary that an SOS has come through from the "Dark Planet" (Earth) a place that is infamous in that no species of alien has ever returned from their first contact mission. Gary sees this as a mission to far and argues with the conceited Scorch, the argument gets heated and eventually Gary quits BASA before Scorch can fire him. Buy the time he gets home to his wife Kira, (Sarah Jessica Parker, Sex in the City) he finds out that Scorch is already Earth bound and the rescue mission is all going to be beamed back to Baab for all his adoring fans. But soon things outside the 7/11 go wrong, even with the power of his suit Scorch is captured by the Hazmats and the General Shanker, (William Shatner, Star Trek...). This upsets Kip who, wanting to be a Scorch immediately decides that he will rescue his hero but Gary is against it and wont do it himself he send Kip to his bedroom, but soon after decides that he was wrong and goes to apologise, but Kip is gone and there can only be one place he can be. Kira dons a pair of rocket boots and they fly off to BASA.

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  1. "Escape From Planet Earth" sounds like an action-packed and heartwarming adventure, with an interesting blend of heroics and family dynamics. The mix of daring rescues, intergalactic missions, and endearing relationships promises an exciting and entertaining film experience for both kids and adults alike.