Monday 23 May 2011

Always Kabhi Kabhi

I put a post up yesterday about the launch of the music from this film. then Eros, the distributor, got in touch today with some information about what happens in the film. So with that I give you the poster, a trailer and the synopsis.

The last year in school, a year about first kisses and crushes. Of being so safe and yet so insecure. A year filled with living it up and living up to expectations. Our story is set in St. Marks School, Delhi. We are introduced to a set of friends.

Tariq Naqvi, the Bill Gates of St Marks – The geek who had the cheek to be cool but carried the burden of having to excel at everything.

Aishwarya Dhawan, she was breath taking, if a beautiful face can launch a 1000 ships, Aish could launch a million. A mother who wanted her to be a film star no less than Aishwarya Rai!!

Nandini, she was to put it mildly the bitch. I don’t think she had a single friend in the 12 years she spent at St. Marks. Except Toy boy her 25 year old boyfriend who perhaps was too dumb to understand the full impact of her acid tongue. All he was interested in perhaps was getting his tongue around

And then there was Sameer aka Sam. He was Mr. Shortcut always figuring out a way to do something faster and quicker. Tariq used to say that Sam is the kind of guy who would find a short-cut for a shortcut. Sam did not wan to spend his life counting monthly installments like his accountant Dad.

The year at St Marks began with a lot of excitement, Principal Khan and Ms Das had decided that the school was going to participate in the interschool Shakespearewallah contest and present Romeo & Juliet!

The story then unfolds a series of dramatic incidents that take place in each of these characters’ lives and how they find the answers to each question on a youthful journey together.
Hitting Cinemas June 17, 2011.
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