Thursday 26 May 2011

Sex doll goes rogue!

Over the years working with film you sometimes get sent some strange things to cover and this is one of the strangest! It's a short film about a sex doll that exercises her own free will! And before you ask, Yes it is Safe for work (just).

The film begins in a laboratory, stark an cold. We rapidly discover the “object” of experimentation in her box. During the day the robot woman is attached to machines by a kind of umbilical cord located on the back of her neck. She is surrounded by scientists who put her through numerous scientific tests. At night, while no longer “plugged-in” the creature mysteriously takes on life and begins to explore the place where she has been confined. She dreams of the world outside while she begins to build a mysterious module that will eventually give her freedom. When the moment arrives, she makes her escape in the most unexpected way before disappearing into the streets of London...

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