Tuesday 21 June 2011

Nicolas Cage Most Quotable Moments

To celebrate the release of Season of the Witch on DVD/Blu-ray this Monday 27th June, we look back at some of Nicolas Cage’s most quotable on-screen moments.

10. “Airport Jail?” Honeymoon In Vegas (1992):
The first of our impatient Nic Cage-in-a-queue clips. In this one he famously goes off on one for being stuck behind the world’s most annoying passenger.

9.  "How could somebody misfile something" - Vampire's Kiss (1988):
Nic Cage plays a publishing executive who has been bitten by a vampire and here his poor secretary suffers at the hands of some very erratic behaviour.

8.  "I never disrobe before a gunfight " – Drive Angry (2011) Contains nudity, sex and violence:
Nic Cage plays Milton, who in this scene engages a group of rogues in a gunfight during sex. Only Cage could pull this off. Destined to become a classic.

7.  "You’re buying, my friend” Season of the Witch (2011):
Any scene involving Nic Cage and Ron Pearlman as 14th century Crusader’s engaging in pre-and-during battle banter has to make the list.

6.  "Not the bees!" - The Wicker Man, (2006):
This one verges on almost disturbing as poor Nic Cage is tortured and endures some very nasty bee-stings. Whilst not a fan favourite amongst his films, this scene is already being regarded as a classic for the over-the-top cries and pleads for help.

5. “Zeus' Butthole” The Rock (1996):
Nic Cage, playing nerdy FBI agent Stanley Goodspeed tries to put together just how John Mason (Sean Connery) breaks them out of an Alcatraz prison cell.

4. “'I wanna take...his face..OFF” Face/Off (1997):
Nic Cage does trippy, only it’s actually John Travolta stuck in Nic Cage’s body and he’s on drugs ... oh well you get the point, it’s a classic scene from this John Woo actioner...

3. “Hey, have you ever been dragged to the sidewalk and beaten until you pissed blood!” Matchstick Men (2003):
The second of our impatient Nic Cage stuck-in-a-queue scenes. This one sees Cage as an OCD ridden con-man who doesn’t believe in the art of standing in line. Underrated film and performance from Cage.

2. “I’m like a prickly pear” Leaving Las Vegas (1995):
Cage won his Oscar for his portrayal of avowed alcoholic, Ben, who travels to Vegas to drink himself to death. And here he lets out the crazy quite well. In this scene, in his almost constant drunkedness, he falls over by a hotel pool and starts blurting out nonsense to street-smart hooker Sera, played by Elisabeth Shue.  

1. “Put the Bunny, back in the box” Con Air (1997):
Hands down the most quoted and famous Nic Cage line sees our hero Cameron Poe face off against a fellow convict aboard Con Air and command that he place his daughters stuffed bunny back where he found it.

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