Wednesday 29 June 2011

A tale of modern-day outlaws?

A film with unprecedented access to an often misrepresented world

JUST DO IT is an observational documentary from award winning filmmaker Emily James, who gained exceptional access to the environmental direct action movement in the UK.

The film gives us the first ever insight into the lives of activists, focusing particularly on active members of Plane Stupid and Climate Camp. For an entire year Emily submerged herself in documenting their secret activities, getting to know and understand their motivation and their passion.

We follow inspiring and entertaining individuals who are not prepared to sit back and allow the destruction of the world’s ecosystems and climate.

In the tradition of the suffragettes and the civil rights movement, the characters have picked up the mantle of civil disobedience and direct action; they have super-glued themselves to bank trading floors, blockaded factories with D-locks and tents and attacked coal power stations en-masse, despite the very real threat of arrest.
JUST DO IT is an independent production; partly crowd funded and is produced by Lauren Simpson. Hitting UK cinemas July 15, 2011
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