Wednesday 25 July 2012

Leave It On The Floor, the UK trailer

It's been a while since I heard anything about this film. We have seen posters, images and a US trailer before. this time, we have the UK trailer for you to watch.

High flying and low down, LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR is a one of a kind celebration—a gay African-American musical about finding your true family.

Remember the documentary Paris is Burning?! Sheldon Larry’s audacious, raunchy and big-hearted musical—with songs by BEYONCE’S music director Kim Burse and choreography by BEYONCE’S dance master Frank Gatson Jr.—takes us into the fabulously funky world of voguing. Here the setting is contemporary downtown L.A. Our hunky, homeless hero Brad, discarded by his homophobic mom, falls in with the members of the House of Eminence, ruled by the stern aging diva Queef Latina, who keeps a careful, loving watch over her makeshift family of runaways and throwaways. When two of her crew fall for Brad, the Queef is royally unamused. STEP UP and STREETDANCE move aside, there’s a new beat in town...
Dancing into an exclusive theatrical run at Leicester Square Theatre from August 1, 2012 and then onto DVD from September 10, 2012

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