Monday 9 July 2012

Is it just me?

Miranda Hart has decided to share a wealth of awkward experiences and embarrassing stories and provide a Miran-ual for life in her brand new book Is It Just Me?

In order to allay her fears that we all come-a-cropper in life, she is asking you, the Great British public, to get in touch and share your pain because a problem shared is a … well something we can all laugh at.

Publishers Hodder And Stoughton, have launched an initiative entitled ‘No It’s Us Too’ which offers readers the chance to appear in an e-book, sharing their own cringe worthy tales.  Launching in July, the ‘No It’s Us Too’ mission will see Miranda choosing her favourite Twitter stories, the best of which will be illustrated and featured on a special ‘No It’s Us Too’ tumblr and then anthologised in e-book compilation in September.

All you need to do to get involved is tweet your embarrassing stories to @NoItsUsToo using hashtag #IsItJustMe and the best ones will be published by Hodder in the No Its Us Too! eBook compilation.
In her brilliant first book Is It Just Me? Miranda Hart confides hilariously uncomfortable truths about her life and offers inimitable advice for how to navigate those unexpected delicate moments. Witty, wise and ‘such fun’, this is a much-needed manual for the avoidance of embarrassment - it is, in fact, a Miran-ual, for all those out there who often wonder ‘Is It Just Me?’
Is It Just Me? is published on 11 October 11, 2012. 
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