Saturday, 24 May 2014

Boomerang Dual Format Short Review

bocover4 Star Murder, whodunnit at it's best.
From the master of cinematography Elia Kazan, (A Streetcar Named Desire, On The Waterfront, East of Eden) comes a film based very closely on real events that occurred in Bridgeport Connecticut USA in 1924.
The film is now brought to you by Masters of Cinema #89 in full 1080p beauty.
The names may have been changed, but this follows the story of the murder of the well respected and much loved Father George A.  Lambert, (Wyrley Birch, The Last Days of Pompeii) who is brutally shot from behind at close range.
The event is witnessed by 7 people, who all swear that the murderer was tall and wearing a dark coat and a light hat. The culprit is almost caught by the witnesses but manages to escape down a dark alley.
There is a public outcry over why an ungodly act should be brought on such a loved man, but even a man of the cloth can accrue enemies and hold secrets that others don't want them to have.
The job falls to Chief Harold F. "Robbie" Robinson, (Lee J Cobb, 12 Angry Men) who, with no clues at the scene and only the testimonies of the 7 witnesses, starts to pull in any male wearing a dark coat and light fedora hat and the suspects soon start to mount up.
bowoodsbocobbBut the man that will have to prosecute the suspect when captured is State's Attorney Henry L Harvey, (Dana Andrews, Laura) who is caught in the middle as the press hound the police over their failure to bring any justice to bear on the case. As the ever dogged hack working for the morning record, Dave Woods (Sam Levene, The Killers) leans on the police as the people who pay his wages vie for political change against the reform government.

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