Saturday, 24 May 2014

One Piece Collection 6 Short Review

5 stars of hilarious swashbuckling action with the Straw Hats.
One Piece 6 coverCollection 6 begins immediately after the events of the Alabasta Saga (see One Piece Collection 5), with a short selection of one off episodes, each focusing on a different member of the crew, known as the Post-Alabasta Arc. For me the best one of these involves Sanji teaching a young marine apprentice (and fellow believer in the Great All Blue) to make curry, but hey, we all have our favourites.
After a little light relief, we get straight back to it, and into the next Saga in the series, The Sky Island Saga.
One Piece 6 Zenny and the GoatsFirst in the next stage of the adventure is the Goat Island Arc, where our heroes make landfall on a seemingly uninhabited island, only to discover Zenny and his herds of piratey goats.
Next, the Straw Hat Pirates catch a rumour of the possible existence of the Rainbow Mist (the subject of the book found by Nico Robin in Alabasta). Never to be accused of missing an opportunity for an adventure, the Going Merry sets sail for Luluka, the island where the mist is said to exist.
While there, they meet up with the enigmatic old man Henzo, who will stop at nothing to get into the Rainbow Mist and hook up with his childhood friends, The Pumpkin Pirates. There is rumoured to be great treasure hidden within, the only drawback being that once you enter Ape's Concert you can never leave.

Read the full review over at Road Rash Reviews.


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