Thursday 8 May 2014

Klondike DVD Short Review

5* Stars of hard fought pure 24 Carat Gold

klocoverA Fantastic can't put down 6 part series. Great story, Great Characters and Great acting, from the Executive Producer Ridley Scott, (Alien, Blade Runner, Prometheus).

klonuggetWith an up to date stellar cast this series sees two young graduates who are not happy with their career prospects but want a life of adventure and excitement, but don't know which direction to go until they meet a man in a bar that is buying the ale for the night. This is when they see a gold nugget for the first time and it becomes infectious to the pair of young men, saying that they had heard of a gold rush in the press, they are told if its in the press the gold rush is all over.
So the Klondike it is then.
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