Wednesday 14 May 2014

The Invoking DVD Short Review

2 stars for this somewhat uninspiring psychological horror.The Invoking cover
The Invoking is written and directed by Jeremy Berg (Trauma) and is yet another pretender to the "teenagers lost in the woods" crown.
This film tells us the story of Sam (Trin Miller - The Mockingbird, The Dead Men), a young girl, raised by foster parents, who suddenly finds herself the inheritor of a house up at Sader Ridge, once owned by her Aunt, a member of her real family.
The Invoking Roman and CaitlinWith her three best friends in tow, she packs up her 4 by 4 and without telling anyone where they are going, off they pop to Sader Ridge. With her is Roman (Josh Truax - 21 And Over), a nerdy type who is obsessed with recording sounds to try and make music with. Also along for the ride are Caitlin (Andi Norris - Just When U Thought) a crazy and over exuberant young student and Mark (Brandon Anthony), who has just split up with his girlfriend and is determined to spoil the trip for everyone else.
When they arrive they are greeted by Eric (D'Angelo Midili - Divination, Punch), a shady character who turns out to be a childhood friend of Sam's, working as a caretaker looking after the property until she decides what to do with it.
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