Monday 23 June 2014

Camp Dread DVD Short Review

2 stars of unfortunately predictable Slasher/ Horror flick.Camp Dread cover
Camp Dread is written and directed by Harrison Smith (The Fields, 6 Degrees of Hell) and tells the story of, a reality TV show, the auditions for which form the opening credits of the film.
Julian Barrett (Eric Roberts - The Dark Knight, The Expendables) is a washed up horror film writer and director, who had a series of hit films in the 1980's called Summer Camp.
Camp Dread Julian and RachelWith his career all but over, Julian comes up with a cunning plan, to re-unite the team from the original franchise to produce a reality TV show made on the original set of the Summer Camp films. Rachel Steele (Felissa Rose - Sleepaway Camp, Satan's Playground), the killer from the original films, now a trained shrink and John Hill (Brian Gallagher - Miss December, Who Is Jose Luck?) turn up in readiness to meet the contestants. Why on earth they would agree to do that I have no idea, as they clearly all hate each other, but hey, lets go along with it for now.
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