Sunday 29 June 2014

Expecting VOD and DVD Short Review

4 stars for this heartwarming and funny film.Expecting cover
Expecting is written and directed by Jessie McCormack (The Antagonist, The Amateurs) and deals with the tricky topics of I.V.F. failure and adoption and the ways in which they can affect people, in a way that is both bold and funny.
Lizzie (Radha Mitchell - Silent Hill, Pitch Black) is desperate to have a baby with her husband Peter (Jon Dore - Mash Up, My Life As An Experiment), Expecting Lizzie and Peterbut after four rounds of I.V.F. it is becoming increasingly apparent that it just simply isn't going to work. The constant failure is causing all sorts of problems for the couple, who are under the care of Dr. Grayson (Mimi Kennedy - Due Date, Midnight In Paris), a marriage counsellor  with some very unorthodox but hilarious methods.
Expecting Andie and LizzieTo make matters worse for them, Lizzie's foul mouthed, fancy free and very single friend Andie (Michelle Monaghan -  Source Code, Due Date), falls pregnant from a one night stand. Feeling guilty about rubbing their noses in it, Andie decides to make the ultimate sacrifice and offers to give them her baby.
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