Sunday 8 June 2014

Cuban Fury Short Blu-ray Review

4 Star Hilarious Fast Foot from the Heart Fun.
From the relative newcomer to film James Griffiths, (Episodes (7)) brings a film of dashed dreams, a life of living in a rut and a fire that is born in the heart of every Salsa dancing God.
cfcoverA 13year old boy with fire in his heals has a dream, along with his sister as his partner is to win the national championship in salsa dancing, after winning all the regional's it comes to the night of the finals. A young Sam (Isabella Stienbarth) is there except for young Bruce, (Ben Radcliffe) who is running the streets to get there but is caught by a group of bullies who tease and beat him until he is defeated and he phones his mentor Ron Parfitt, (Ian McShane, Snow White and the Huntsman) and tells him that "Salsa is for pussies!" and that is the end of that.
cfiancfnickWe jump 22 years and now find Bruce, (Nick Frost, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul) now a man that has settled into a humdrum job as well as filling out his waistline.
cfrashidacfchrisoThoughts of salsa are far, far away as any chance of a love life as he lives out his non existence at work, all the time being hounded by the office alpha male Drew, (Chris O'Dowd, The Boat that Rocked), who believes that he can get into the pants of their beautiful new American boss Julia, (Rashida Jones, Social Network).

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Available to Buy on DVD and Blu-ray 9th June.


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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the Cuban Fury Blu-ray! The film's comedy, dance and mix was a pleasant surprise. Nick Frost's performance was brilliant and the dance sequences were pure joy. The Blu-ray player's high-quality picture and sound made the experience even better. But these days I am busy with my business management dissertation topics. I have to watch this movie after I finish work and I recommend this movie to anyone looking for a fun and heartwarming movie night.