Saturday 14 June 2014

Nashville Dual Format Release Short Review

nashcover4 Stars of life in Nashville 1975 style.
From the mighty director Robert Altman, (The Long Goodbye, Mash, Gosford Park) comes the tale of five days in the heart of country music, Nashville.
Where those who aspire to be famous in the Grand Ole Opera must travel to and those that already have it must maintain it.
nashhenrySet at the time when the Vietnam War is still in the minds of all America and with the strong overtones of a new governmental election campaign (Hal Philip Walker), we see a van with megaphones and the unseen speaker giving a speech for the "Replacement Party". As Country singing star Henry Gibson (Haven Hamilton, Blues Brothers) tries to lay down his latest single in the recording studio, he is never quite satisfied with other peoples efforts.
nashbarbaraThe people in the background like Delbert Reese, (Ned Beatty, Deliverance) are trying to hold it all together, as the stars are flaky, as is Barbara Jean. (Ronee Blakley, The Driver) She's a massive star but she isn't functioning quite right, her body as frail as her mind. Delbert's wife Linnea spends her time teaching her two young children sign language and avoiding the young handsome Tom (Keith Caradine, The Long Riders), who repeatedly phones her and tries to get her to meet him.

For the Full review please click Road Rash Reviews
Available to Buy on Dual Format on the 16th June.


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