Tuesday 8 February 2011

From Avatar to the wastelands

A few years ago Sam Worthington was in $200 million movies such as Avatar, Terminator Salvation and the remake of Clash Of The Titans. Now with the big budget films behind him Metrodome is releasing one of his earlier, low budget, films, Fink! (from way back in 2005). It's OK if you have never heard of it as, according to IMDB, it was only ever released in Tom's native Australia.

When time is running out, it’s time to call in the professionals...

Life as a crime lord isn’t easy, and hood boss Terence Fink is up against it all. His two main hit-men have been tasked with eliminating competition and the deadly assassin stalking their boss but keep taking down the wrong guy.

Undercover cops have infiltrated his gang, sending Fink into a spiral of doubt and paranoia where nobody can be trusted. And to top it all off, his wife seems to be cheating on him with his most bitter rival.

Calling in a group of professionals to take control of his affairs, he thinks everything will be put in order and set back on track. But nothing’s ever that simple in the world of underground crime.

Slick, stylish and brilliantly layered, Fink is a stunning addition to the action thriller genre.
FINK! hits DVD March 14, 2011

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