Tuesday 8 February 2011


Sometimes I get a press release that makes me go WTF! And this is one of them. It's along the lines of "Let's crowbar a Z-list celebrity into our press coverage for a new show" and this ticks all the boxes.

If you want to find out exactly what this press release is about you will have to scroll down to the bottom.

  • Kerry Katona’s family voted the most dysfunctional family in the world ahead of the Jacksons, The Osbournes and The Gallagher brothers
  • The ultimate composite celebrity dysfunctional family comprises of Kerry Katona, Michael Jackson, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton
Kerry Katona’s family featuring her warring ex-husbands has been named as the world’s most dysfunctional family in a new poll which sees the Dancing on Ice star beating the Jackson pop dynasty and the fighting Gallagher brothers.

The poll, which quizzed 2,000 Brits, was commissioned to mark the launch of Arrested Development, the award winning comedy drama featuring an American dysfunctional family starting on TV channel FX (8pm, 8th February).

45% of Brits voted for Kerry and her kin, toppling the infamous Jacksons (36%) and Lohans (28%) into second and third place respectively.

The top ten most dysfunctional families in the world, voted by Brits are:
  1. The Katonas (45%)
  2. The Jacksons (36%)
  3. The Lohans (28%)
  4. The Osbournes (27%)
  5. The Gallaghers (26%)
  6. The Hiltons (21%)
  7. The Geldofs (20%)
  8. The Spears (17%)
  9. The Royal Family / The Windsors (11%)
  10. The Hamiltons (9%)
From starry beginnings in girl band Atomic Kitten to a more troubled recent history of two failed marriages, substance abuse and bankruptcy, Kerry Katona has seen more than her fair share of ups and downs. Kerry openly discusses her problems in regular interviews as well as her reality TV shows - allowing the public no holds barred access to her life.

Kerry and her brood also topped the list for the most dysfunctional family in Britain, as voted for by 62% of respondents. They were followed closely by the Osbourne family with 43%, the Gallagher Brothers (38%) and the Geldofs (33%), with The Rooneys (23%) coming in at fifth place.

Katona also topped the vote for the most dysfunctional mum with a sweeping majority of 49% of voters picking her. Troubled American rock queen Courtney Love, famed for her wild Twitter ramblings and for posting bizarre pictures on the site, came in second place (19%), only slightly ahead of the once sectioned Britney Spears (17%). Michael Jackson was voted the most dysfunctional dad with a huge 42% of the votes, over 20% ahead of his closest rival Ozzy Osbourne (21%).

Respondents were also asked to vote for the most dysfunctional celebrity children. LA starlets dominate the results with top spots going to Lindsay Lohan (38%) followed by Paris Hilton (24%). The Hollywood wild-children have both been imprisoned, with Lindsay currently facing an ongoing battle to save her acting career and stay on the straight and narrow following her battle with alcohol and drugs.

When it comes to our own family lives, Brits still consider the 2.4 family template as the norm (39%) but a shocking 36% reckon there is no such thing as a normal family existing anymore. The survey delved deeper into family life revealing that 33% of family arguments happen between parents with the rest of their families rarely bickering.

The survey was commissioned by TV channel FX, ahead of the arrival of Arrested Development on the channel at 9pm on Tuesday 8th February.
Arrested Development follows an American family united in their utter dysfunction. Michael Bluth and his son George Michael are close to abandoning their family for a new start when patriarch George Bluth is suddenly arrested and Michael is enlisted to take over the family business. Reluctantly, Michael agrees to stay for the family whilst struggling to keep the business afloat and raising his son.

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