Monday 21 February 2011

GORBACIOF trailer and image

Artificial Eye has released an image and the synopsis for their upcoming film, Gorbaciof. I have managed to find a trailer but it is in Italian so understanding it could be a problem.

Marino Pacileo (Toni Servillo, Il Divo, Gomorrah), known as “Gorbaciof“ due to the prominent birthmark on his forehead, is an accountant at Poggioreale Prison in Naples. Pacileo, silent and shy, has only one passion in life: poker. He’s in love with a Chinese girl called Lila (and when he discovers that her father can’t pay a debt incurred at the card table, Pacileo steals the money from the prison coffers and gives it to the girl. From that moment on, between losing games, collecting backhanders and committing robberies, he sets out on a slippery slope from which there is no turning back.
GORBACIOF opens at selected cinemas nationwide summer 2011

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