Thursday 24 February 2011

How to lose fans the Justin Bieber way

With his film just released in the UK, Justin Bieber, decided to have a hair cut.

Some people will go <SARCASM>wow</SARCASM> but his fans are up in arms with his twitter account dropping 80,000 followers overnight to only 7,500,000 - this coming from winning two awards at last night's NME awards for worst album and least stylish

Whist writing this piece I am listing to, what sounds like, a 14 year old girl singling but according to Spotify it is Justin.

The more I look into this the scarier it gets with Ellen selling bits of his hair on eBay for, currently, $6,700.

Could this be a cynical marketing move as Paramount is about to release a "director's cut" of the film so to keep him on the news and more punters through the door to see an extra 40 minutes of the "teen idol"

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