Tuesday 30 August 2011


The UK’s scariest attraction will be teaming up with one of the world’s most controversial cult horror films for its most terrifying Halloween ever - featuring a live human centipede.

The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs have teamed up with the director of The Human Centipede - Tom Six, and its UK distributor Bounty Films - to recreate the terror of the film to give visitors the scare of their life.

As part of the London Bridge-based attraction’s Halloween programme PhoboPhobia ‘After Dark Extreme Scare – The Human Centipede’- will feature sets recreating the horror of the film, including the evil Dr Heiter’s laboratory, clips from the film and audio as well as the main attraction - a live human centipede.

The Human Centipede(First Sequence) film will also be screened but will only be available to a select few and only those booking early via Ticketmaster will get the chance to watch the film. The film features a mad doctor who kidnaps and mutilates a trio of tourists in order to turn them into a human centipede.

The film has a cult following and has become extremely controversial with its sequel – The Human Centipede 2 being banned in Britain and labelled as the ‘sickest movie of all time’.

The film’s Director Tom Six, who visited the attraction recently, said: “I went through the London Tombs and I loved every second of it. The actors really scare the hell out of you and the sets you go through are amazing and could easily compete with the best horror film sets.”

James Kislingbury, General Manger of the London Bridge Experience & London Tombs, said: “This is going to be our scariest Halloween ever, it will be a spectacular event and our scarers will form the live human centipede, they are all so keen to be involved that we have had to hold a ballot.”

‘After Dark Extreme Scare – The Human Centipede’ - Halloween’s Most Hellish Event will be running from 7pm to late from October 27th to 31st.

As well as the ‘After Dark Extreme Scare’ in the London Tombs - during the day visitors will be able to learn the ‘History Behind The Horror’ – exploring 2000 years of London Bridge’s dark Halloween history – travel back in time and be taken on a journey led by first-class actors and stunning special effects.

After the London Bridge Experience you will be given the option to descend into the London Tombs – winner of the ‘Best Year Round Scare Attraction’ at the Screamie Awards for the past three years.

A guardian angel tour is also available for younger guests allowing them to experience the tombs in a less scary format for those visiting during the daytime show.

‘History Behind The Horror’ is running from October 17 to November 1 from 10am to 6pm.

Tickets for both events are limited so early booking is essential. Tickets are £23 for adults, £21 concessions – OAPs and Students; £17 for Under 18s – although the age limit for ‘After Dark Extreme Scare – The Human Centipede’ is not recommended for under 16s.

The attraction will also be running the first Halloween Buried Alive Ball at a separate location from October 27 to 29 from 6pm – featuring a visit to the attraction before a meal and dancing.

To book priority tickets via Ticketmaster visit www.thelondonbridgeexperience.com or for group rates and bookings call Yasmin Mears on: 0845 301 0996

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