Thursday 8 September 2011

Akshay Kumar & John Abraham’s dangerous chopper stunt for Desi Boyz!

What is it with Bollywood films and wanting to try and kill the lead actors in a film? With Ranbir doing a dangerous motorcycle stunt to Akshay Kumar & John Abraham now dangling off a helicopter without a safety harness!

Akshay and John recently shot a risky stunt for the title track of their forthcoming film, Eros International’s Desi Boyz, directed by Rohit Dhawan.

Rohit Dhawan wanted this particular shot in the title song of the film in which Akshay and John climb down from a moving chopper. However, he was worried for his actors because of the risk involved. Akshay heard about this and immediately wanted to do the shot as he loves action. John too loves action and wanted to give it a try. The helicopter scene required them to do the stunt without a harness, as both of them had to wear whites in the scene and a harness would have been visible in the close-up shots. Despite it being a very risky shot where the actors had to step out of the chopper mid –air with no strapping, both the actors were quite convinced about the shot and insisted on going ahead with it. Director Rohit Dhawan was very nervous about his actors doing something as risky as this but the two actors went ahead and did the shot confidently in a single take.

Hitting UK cinemas November 18, 2011

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