Friday 9 September 2011

FRIGHT NIGHT Opening Scene have just got their hands on the opening scene of Fright Night – a scene that, if you’ve seen the film, you’ll know is straight up horror!

Fright Night stars Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, Christopher Mint-Plasse and David Tennant and is in UK cinemas now in 3D!

Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and David Tennant star in Fright Night. Based on the 80s cult comedy-horror classic, it blends thrills, chills and humour into an all-new horror experience... Welcome to Fright Night!

High school senior Charlie Brewster (Anton Yelchin) finally has it all – he’s hanging with the cool crowd and dating the hottest girl in school, Amy (Imogen Poots). In fact, he’s so cool he’s even dissing his nerdy best friend Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). But trouble arrives when an intriguing stranger, Jerry (Colin Farrell), moves in next door. He seems like a great guy at first, but there’s something not quite right – yet no one, not even Charley’s mom (Toni Collette), seems to notice! After witnessing some very unusual activity, Charley comes to an unmistakable and terrifying conclusion: Jerry is a vampire. With the help of infamous Las Vegas magician turned vampire-expert Peter Vincent (David Tennant), Charley sets out to uncover the truth and clean up the neighbourhood.
In UK cinemas NOW

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